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Jungle Fish 2




So, I’ve been watching this K-Drama for the past 4 weeks now. It airs on KBS World on Sunday nights here in Seattle, WA. When I sat down to watch the first night, I actually didn’t know that this was a drama. I thought it was a documentary of sorts, but it didn’t take long for me to recognize so many familiar faces! ^^

I was drawn into the drama very quickly, and wanted to watch more at a time, but found that this is something I look forward to on Sunday nights now. I just finished episode 4 this past Sunday, and I am really enjoying the series so far.

I wonder how many of you have seen this drama yet, and/or what you think of it if you have.

I am interested in hearing your thoughts about this drama!

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My Fav. K-Celebs Vol. 5

6-A: Gong Hyo Jin


Born: 4 April 1980
Sign: Aries

What you may know her from:

You Are More Than Beautiful
577 Project
Crush and Blush
Family Ties

It’s Okay, That’s Love
Master’s Sun
The Greatest Love

Gong Hyo Jin has a very naturalistic way about her, and she adapts to various roles with much ease. I’ve enjoyed seeing her on the screen, which is why she is on my list of favorites! With Hyo Jin, I appreciate the fact that she doesn’t necessarily take on conventional or stereotypical roles. She’s not afraid to try things outside of the box. There are many films and dramas that I have yet to see, but will be watching simply because I enjoy her acting very much.

Fun little fact…Gong Hyo Jin sang a duet with My Q! Check it out:

Other notable achievements:

Gong Hyo Jin has been noted for her fashion sense and style. She even has her own line of apparel and shoes.

In 2011, she served as one of the ambassadors for the Year of Friendship between Australia and South Korea.

Gong has won over 2 dozen awards since her acting debut in 2001.

6-B: Jung Jihoon A.k.a. Rain


Born: 25 June 1982
Sign: Cancer

What you may know him from:


The Prince
Soar Into the Sun/Return to Base (R2B)
Awaken the Dragon
Ninja Assassin
I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK


My Lovely Girl
The Fugitive: Plan B
Full House
Sangdoo, Let’s Go to School!

Discography (Korean & Japanese):

2002: Bad Guy
2003: Rain 2
2004: It’s Raining
2006: Rain’s World
2006: Eternal Rain (Japanese)
2006: Early Works (Jap. comp.)
2008: Rainism
2010: Back to the Basic (EP)
2014: Rain Effect

Rain is a diverse, and multi-talented entertainer…not to mention, easy on the eyes! 😉 But more than anything, I have so much respect for his ambition, drive, and determination. He’s self made through hard work and blood, sweat, and tears. I was first introduced to him through the movie Ninja Assassin. My husband wanted me to watch it with him, and I am soooo glad I did; what a performance! (I may have to watch it again soon 😉 ) At the time, I had not been bitten by the hallyu bug yet, so I didn’t know that he was also a singer/songwriter and dancer! When it comes to his acting skills, I think he’s great! I love his expressions and the way he so passionately portrays each of his characters. As for his music, I really enjoy his husky voice. It’s very deep and sexy, but I also love when he sings in falsetto, too! If you have never listened to his music, here’s your chance!

Here are a couple of his songs:


…and one more for good measure~!

Other notable achievements:

Rain was a host of the KBS music show, Music Bank (2002-2004), and co-hosted Soulmate on KBS with Kang Ho Dong (2002-2003). He has also guest starred on many variety shows including 2 Days, 1 Night, Running Man, and Happy Camp. He even had his own reality show, Rain Effect (2014). Rain has won more than 50 awards (music and drama/film) since his debut in 2002, and has the proven ability to keep us entertained.

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Celebrity Quotes – Yunjin Kim




I know when I was growing up in New York, whenever I turned on the television, I never saw a face that looked like me. Whenever there was an Asian person on television, it would be a huge event, me calling to my older sister, ‘there’s an Asian person on televsion!’ It was unheard of back then.




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My Fav. K-Celebs Vol. 4

7-A: Soo Ae


Born: 25 July 1979
Sign: Leo

What you may know her from:

The Flu
Midnight FM
The Sword with No Name

Queen of Ambition
A Thousand Days’ Promise
Athena: Goddess of War
Two Outs in the Ninth Inning

What I like about Soo Ae, is that she’s believable. The first drama I saw her in was Athena: Goddess of War, and I loved it! The on-screen chemistry between she and both Jung Woo Sung and Cha Seung Won was incredible. Even though both relationships were on very different levels, the tension was enough to keep you on the edge of your seat! The most recent piece I’ve seen Soo Ae in was The Flu, where she starred opposite of Jang Hyuk. She makes it so you (the audience) feel what she feels. In The ChosunIlbo, she stated, “I steep myself in my characters so much that often I get too heartbroken to control myself.” Her statement describes the dedication and passion she puts into ever character and role she plays.

Other notable acheivements:

Soo Ae has won over 2 dozen awards for her various roles in dramas as well as on the big screen.

Did you know…Soo Ae became a member of a K-pop idol group, but never debuted? In an interview with The Chosunilbo back in August 2007, she stated “I didn’t sing well, but the six months I spent with the team was so fun.” She also added that she was “lucky to get into acting.”

Even though her singing career never took off, I’m glad that she’s found her niche in K-Cinema, and I’m anxious to see what her next project will be!

7-B: Cha Seung Won


Born: 7 June 1970
Sign: Gemini

What you may know him from:

Man on High Heels
Blades of Blood
Blood Rain
Kick the Moon

You’re All Surrounded
The Greatest Love
Athena: Goddess of War
The City Hall

Cha Seung Won is just plain sexy; but he can also act! The first drama I saw him in was Athena: Goddess of War. He plays a really good bad guy, and is obviously very good in serious roles, so I was surprised, and pleasantly so, when I saw a completely different side of Cha in the rom-com, The Greatest Love. To me, his soulful eyes add even more depth to each of his characters. So much so, that I find myself drawn to his evil characters just as much as his ‘good guy’ ones. (The ‘fangirl’ in me always get excited when I see his name on the roster for a movie or drama I’m about to watch.)

Ladies, you’ll love him for his sexy demeaner, and guys, you’ll like him because he’s a total BA! 😉

Did you know…

Cha Seung Won is a total family man! He’s been married since the late 1980’s, and has 2 grown children.

Before he became an actor, he started his career as a model, and has had dozens of endorsements and commercials since the mid 1990’s.

Other notable achievements:

Cha has won over 2 dozen awards (for modeling and acting) since his modeling debut in 1995.

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The Chosunilbo

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