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KCON 2015

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K-Idol & Actor Military Enlistments 2015


This is always a sad topic because we’re basically saying ‘goodbye’ to these guys for 2 years while they serve their country.

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Which K-Idols & K-Actors Will Enlist in Mandatory 2-year Military Service in 2015?


Popular K-Pop news site, Soompi, published an article yesterday that talks about various stars and the possibility of upcoming enlistments in the new year. While their list is not exhaustive, it does highlight some of Korea’s most popular actors and idols. Netizens and fans know that military enlistment is inevitable, but with 2015 just around the corner, it has saddened quite a few to know that many of the following could be out of the spotlight for a good portion of the next 2 + years.

Here’s a list of possible enlistments. (Soompi’s list combined with my predictions based on year of birth 1985-1987):

  • Lee Seung Gi
  • Choi Jin Hyuk
  • Yoo Ah In
  • Lee Min Ho
  • Seo In Guk
  • Moon Joo Won
  • Jaejoong (JYJ)
  • Yoochun (JYJ)
  • Junsu (JYJ)
  • Yunho (TVXQ)
  • Kim Hyun Joong
  • T.O.P (Big Bang)
  • Sungmin (SuJu)
  • Eunhyuk (SuJu)
  • Donghae (SuJu)
  • Siwon (SuJu)
  • Ryeowook (SuJu)
  • Kim Kibum (SuJu)
  • G.O (MBLAQ)
  • Seungho (MBLAQ)

While this list is highly speculative, the possibility of it happening at least within the next couple of years is increasingly high; however, we know that since Choi Jin Hyuk pushed back his service once already, he will most likely enter his military service in 2015. Shindong of Super Junior has already bowed out of his idol duties to prepare for his training and service that was set to begin at the end of November 2014; however, due to a back problem, it has been pushed back until early next year.

Which actors and/or idols will you miss the most while they are away on their 2-year service? Are there any others not on the list that you think may begin their service sometime in 2015?

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To read Soompi’s full article, go here.



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Hot Male K-Celebs and Idols


Yes, please!

Popular k-news site, allkpop, put together a spread of just a handful of K-celebs and idols that have been featured in Men’s Health magazine. Check out the link below, then come back and let me know which guy(s) were your favorites! πŸ˜‰

Allkpop – Eye Candy Hunky Male Celebrities

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