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Immortal Songs 2~




Have you ever watched it? If not, I feel that you are missing out!

I’ll admit that when I first came across the show a couple of years ago, I wasn’t interested in watching it because I hadn’t really expanded my K-music horizons at that time, but now…now I’m open to anything and everything, and quite enjoy a lot of Korean music; both new and old – especially if it’s old music being sung by some of my favorites~! 😉

I recently watched an episode (the Lee Janghee Special part 1) this past weekend, and was blown away by the music, as well as the singers. One of my favorite performances is one that I wanted to share with you because it’s one that I can’t stop listening to!

Feel free to watch the entire episode (Park Ki Young also did an AMAZING job), but I’ve marked the video so you can see the performance that I want to share. It’s 2 out of 3 S Group members; Kangta and Lee Jeehoon singing “Goodbye” (Annyeong) by Kim Taehwa.

This was a powerful performance. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did~! ^^


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Jungle Fish 2




So, I’ve been watching this K-Drama for the past 4 weeks now. It airs on KBS World on Sunday nights here in Seattle, WA. When I sat down to watch the first night, I actually didn’t know that this was a drama. I thought it was a documentary of sorts, but it didn’t take long for me to recognize so many familiar faces! ^^

I was drawn into the drama very quickly, and wanted to watch more at a time, but found that this is something I look forward to on Sunday nights now. I just finished episode 4 this past Sunday, and I am really enjoying the series so far.

I wonder how many of you have seen this drama yet, and/or what you think of it if you have.

I am interested in hearing your thoughts about this drama!

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Music Bank Year-End Show (TONIGHT!!!) + Performers


The year-end special is TONIGHT (December 19th in Korea @ 6pm KST/December 18th in the US @ 1am PST.

Here’s the line-up for tonight’s show:

  • TTS
  • EXO
  • Teen Top
  • VIXX
  • B1A4
  • GOT7
  • Toheart
  • Sistar
  • A Pink
  • Bestie
  • 4minute
  • Taemin
  • Sunmi
  • SoyouXJunggigo
  • HyolynXJooyoung

Don’t miss it!

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Season Finale of KBS Variety/Talk Show ‘I’m a Man’ to air on December 19th – Cast in Talks for Season 2



So if you’ve never seen this Korean variety/talk show, you can probably guess who its target audience is just by the name; however, if you’re curious like me, you watch stuff like this because of its extreme comedic factor. (I used to be a big Qualifications of Men fan, too!)

Although their ratings haven’t been stellar, there’s hope for a second season simply because the show is unique. Lee Dong Hoon even said the following;

Even though the rating of ‘I’m A Man’ wasn’t good, but because we created a show which is different from the usual variety program and talk show so it’s really meaningful.

KBS is currently in talks about renewing the show for another season, and in all honesty, I really hope they do! It’s definitely one-of-a-kind, and is deserving of a chance to gain a higher viewership. The shows’ subject matter, although sometimes risque, deal with a wide variety of topics that are funny, highly entertaining, and sometimes even educational.

You can check out full episodes on KBS World’s Official Youtube here, and for more convenience, you can watch the very first episode below:


Do you think this show should be renewed for another season?

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