Oh Snap – I’m Back!

Life is a funny thing. No excuses as to why I took a “break” from my blog; I simply chose to. It doesn’t mean that I’ve lost interest in hallyu, in fact, I’m still loving it as much as I have for the past 4 years!

I won’t bore you with specifics, but here I am! I hope to be able to keep up with the blog again even though I probably won’t be posting as much as I once did.

I’ll be doing a bit of back-tracking to cover events, music, new groups, etc. that I am DYING to gush about, so stay tuned! πŸ˜‰


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Eric Nam – US Tour – Win Tickets! [Link to article]


Any Eric Nam fans out there?! If so, you’ll definitely want to check this out:

Koreaboo: Win Pair of VIP Tickets to see Eric Nam

If you missed it, check out my original announcement of his upcoming tour by clicking here.

**Note that he’s also added Chicago as one of his stops!

You can get all ticket info by clicking here.

Good luck to those entering the contest through Koreaboo!!! ^^




100 followers blog


Wow. Just wow!

I haven’t been super active lately due to a project I’m currently working on (which takes up quite of bit of my time right now~), so I apologize for that, but I do try to share things that catch my eye or that I am interested in so you know that I haven’t lost interest in you guys or my (healthy) Hallyu addiction~! πŸ˜‰

I saw this today, and felt totally happy! I have heard some people say that the numbers don’t matter, and they really don’t ALL that much, but it sure is nice to see that my blog is appealing to at least 100 people! πŸ˜‰

I’m seriously so tickled that I think I should do something to celebrate!

But hrmm…what should I do?! πŸ˜‰

Wanna help me decide?

Leave your comments below with ideas!

Then we’ll see what happens from there… πŸ˜›

Thanks to all my followers, and just to anyone and everyone that takes a moment to read my blog. You guys are my rock stars!


❀ Jeni~



Shout-Out & Many Thanks~




I wanted to take a few moments to show my gratitude to the newest followers my blog has gained over the past couple of weeks.

Thanks so much for the follow…and if you’re reading this, and not a current follower, that’s okay too! I’m just so very thankful for every person that has read my blog; whether it was one post, or a dozen. I thank you for being a part of something that is very special to me.

I’d like to give a quick shout-out to my newest followers!

Here we go:

If you’re reading this and you’re new here…welcome! Please feel free to take a look around, and never hesitate to chat with me or ask questions~!

If you’re not new, thanks for the unconditional support! πŸ˜€

❀ Jeni